Fresh air, fresh minds. Hiking in Patapsco Valley can be a family-friendly activity (four-legged friends included!) that will leave you feeling refreshed and appreciative of some of nature's finest views. Check out the links below to get the most out of your planned routes and discover paths that'll challenge you in the best of ways.

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Patapsco in COVID19

Social distancing is a new concept for all of us, but it doesn’t mean locking ourselves inside the whole time.  Hiking and outdoors time are still acceptable (and important!) for now.  One of the best ways to avert cabin fever, …

5 Reasons to Hike in the Winter

Myth: Hiking season ends after fall and there is nothing to do in Patapsco until spring.
Fact: Winter hikes have a lot of offer and you can find things you wouldn’t …

First Day Hikes in the Valley

First Day Hikes are part of a nationwide initiative led by America’s State Parks to encourage people to get outdoors. On New Year’s Day, hundreds…

Along the Trail: The Breadery

Welcome to our new blog series, Along the Trail, which will be highlighting a trail in the Patapsco Valley, and some local businesses worth exploring along the way! This post includes …

Paddling the Patapsco

The Patapsco is quickly becoming one of the most popular put in spots for Maryland Paddlers! The river boasts breathtaking views as it winds its way southeast …