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At Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG), we recognize the significance of community science programs and value the opportunity to closely collaborate with the community in the shared goal of preserving our natural resources. Volunteers are the backbone of PHG and we are always indebted to the work they do. Want to get involved? Contact Diana or fill out this form.

Stream Watch

Group of Stream Watchers during a quarterly stream cleanup

Stream Watchers are volunteers who play a critical role in maintaining the health of waterways within the Patapsco Watershed. Adopting a 1/4-mile section of a stream, volunteers commit to regularly monitoring, cleaning, and walking along the stream banks. Whether you live, work, or simply enjoy recreational activities near the streams that flow into the Patapsco River, you can get involved in this important effort. Once assigned a section, Stream Watchers are responsible for reporting any issues observed, such as litter accumulation, erosion, or pollution.

In addition to monitoring, Stream Watchers help keep their section clean by arranging quarterly cleanups, either individually or as part of a volunteer group. The Stream Watch program provides a more thorough monitoring of areas within the watershed and increased reporting of issues in the river and streams. It also allows community members to take an active role in the protection and conservation of environmental resources.

Volunteers are encouraged to report any points of information, such as damage or potential restoration opportunities, to PHG through an online data sheet. This information helps PHG evaluate where additional resources are needed within the watershed.

If you're interested in becoming a Stream Watcher, sign up today at link below!

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