Maryland Heritage Areas Authority Announces $211,862 in Grant Funds for Patapsco Valley Heritage Area Organizations


The Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) announced matching grants totaling $211,862 for Patapsco Valley Heritage Area non-profits and local jurisdictions. The grant funds support heritage tourism projects and activities that draw visitors and expand economic development and tourism-related opportunities in the Patapsco Valley.


“As we continue to focus on bringing the Patapsco Valley’s rich historic, cultural, and environmental heritage to residents and visitors, we are excited to see funding continue to increase for important projects in our area,” said Lindsey Baker, Executive Director of the Patapsco Heritage Greenway, the managing entity of the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area.


Funded projects in the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area include:

  • Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks “Restoration of the Ellicott City Stations Caboose”- $65,685
  • Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks, “Freight Room Diorama Artifact Restoration and Interpretive Reframe”- $15,000
  • Oella Historical Society, Inc- “Oella Archiving and Oral History Project”- $11,177.00


The Patapsco Heritage Greenway received a Management grant for $100,000 and a Block Grant for $20,000. The Block Grant will be used to distribute an increased number of mini-grant funds to area organizations and jurisdictions through the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area Mini-Grant Program. The Management grant supports the ongoing work of Patapsco Heritage Greenway.


This year the state nearly doubled the funding for MHAA Grants and 114 matching grants totaling nearly $5 million were awarded to Maryland non-profits, local jurisdictions, and other heritage tourism organizations. $9.7 million in non-state matching funds will be leveraged for the projects, all of which must take place in one of thirteen of Maryland’s certified heritage areas.





Additional background


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  • For a complete list of grant recipients statewide, click here.


  • Download the Maryland Department of Planning Press Release about the grants here.


PDF Press Release: MHAA Grant Funding FY2019