Partner with PHG

Partner with PHG

By partnering with Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG), you are supporting the conservation and protection of the Patapsco Valley. And there are plenty of ways to get involved! From stream cleanups to locating invasive plants (and removing them), everyone can do their part, whether through individual initiative or an organizational partnership.

Group Programs

Patapsco Heritage Greenway offers Group Programs that provide opportunities to actively contribute to the preservation of the Patapsco watershed while fostering stronger relationships among team members, the local community, and the environment. Whether your group is from a corporate office, grassroots organization, congregation, scout troop, or other entity, we offer opportunities for and welcome everyone. Stewardship experiences with Patapsco Heritage Greenway include an environmental stewardship event along with the opportunity to include a post-event social at a local small business.

Learn more about the Group Programs here

Contact for further information and to schedule an event.

Invasive Plant Removal

Invasive plants pose a serious threat to our local ecosystem, especially our trees! These are plants that were introduced to the area from around the world and have no natural predators here, allowing them to grow out of control and overwhelm the local environment. Make a hands-on difference and work together while saving our trees and protecting the Patapsco Valley by bringing a team to help end this threat. Participate in cutting-edge environmental protection by joining us for an invasive plant removal event. Tools and equipment provided.

Insect Investigation

Insect Investigation is all about identifying and cataloging aquatic insects that live in various streams, in order to understand stream health.

Insects have known tolerances to pollution, so the number of insects in different tolerance groups indicates the health of the stream. Completion of this training is the capstone on the journey to becoming a certified stream monitor.

Stream Cleanup

All streams lead to the ocean, and all litter follows this path eventually. Get outside and protect our waters from the Atlantic to the Patapsco by joining us for a stream cleanup event. Great opportunity to work together and accomplish a satisfying, hands-on, goal. Basic equipment provided does not include waterproof clothing.

Tree Plantings/Maintenance

Leave a lasting mark on the Patapsco Valley by participating in a tree planting or tree maintenance event! Our society grows when we plant trees for our children, and you can be a part of a brighter future by sponsoring/participating in a tree planting/maintenance event. Dedication plaques are available for donated and sponsored trees.

Bull Branch Watershed Assessment

A one-year pilot project aimed at assessing the reaches of the Bull Branch most in need of restoration, improvement, retrofits or other stormwater management solutions. Project facets include a Stormwater Management/BMP Assessment, Stream Assessment, and Forest Characterization.

Scope of project

The stream will be assessed from its headwaters in downtown Catonsville to its output into Soapstone Branch, which feeds into the Patapsco River. All Bull Branch stream corridors will be walked, potential issues inventoried, and all stormwater assessed and modeled for proper drainage. The upland forest areas will also be inventoried for mature specimen trees.



  • Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. (ESA) and Gannett Fleming are the contractors performing the natural resources and stormwater assessment
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the funding source of the project and can provide additional technical expertise and resources
  • Restoring Bull Branch (RBB) is the community group who identified the issue and sought to initiate a plan for improvement
  • Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG) is the 501c3 nonprofit overseeing the grant execution and serves as the liaison between team members and stakeholders


Exploring Bull Branch Family Day April 23, 2022 (9-11:30am)

Public Community Meetings (June and November 2022)

Project Final Product: Watershed Assessment Report and presentation overview. (Download and play the presentation to hear the Audio).

Next Steps (Post 2022):  Implementation of certain solutions will be a separate project and contingent upon approval of the community and Baltimore County.


Defensores de la Cuenca (DDLC) and Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG) are working collaboratively to advance the mutual goals of PHG and DDLC of engaging the Latino communities of Howard and Baltimore counties around conservation and stewardship in and around the Patapsco River watershed. We are creating shared experiences for fun, family­ friendly activities to teach about watershed stewardship, outdoor recreation and our connection to the river in a safe and comfortable way. This included a series of four events in FY22 and early FY23 and will continue into CY2023.