Daniels (Alberton | Elysville)

Daniels (Alberton | Elysville)

The town’s history can be traced to the 1830s when Thomas Ely and his four brothers first built a mill at this location on the Patapsco River. Known originally as Elysville, the town’s name changed as subsequent owners took over the mill’s operation.

In 1940 the community of Alberton was sold to the sole bidder, the C.R. Daniels Company, for the sum of $65,000. As reported in the Baltimore Sun on November 24, 1940, the price included “a three-and-a-half-story mill”. The mill, a producer of cotton duck material, largely for use by the government provided employment to an average of 250 persons, most of whom lived in the town.

During the 1950s and ’60s, the Daniels plant was enlarged 100% in order to manufacture additional products including sporting goods equipment under the name of Dandux. The Mill remained operational at the site until 1972 when it was destroyed by flooding from Hurricane Agnes.

Although temporarily displaced, C.R. Daniels carried on its manufacturing operation and eventually found a permanent location in Ellicott City where it continues in operation today.

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