For Patapsco Heritage Greenway, and across the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area we are striving to link natural, cultural, and built environments across all program areas.

Fundamental to PHG’s mission is an emphasis on preserving the environment, history, and culture of the Valley. While preservation is often viewed through the built environment lens--preserving a historic structure or undertaking an adaptive use project--it can also involve less tangible outcomes.

For example, we recognize that the PVHA is a place for stories. It holds them and we work with partners, community members, and visitors to uncover, reveal and discover them, ultimately preserving memories on the landscape. In this context, we recognize that physical markers that exist in the built and natural environment are vital in helping to preserve and sustain less tangible memories of past experiences.

Here are some past and recent projects involving the preservation and renovation of certain areas within the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area:

Patapsco Heritage Greenway’s Façade Improvement Project: Part 1

Patapsco Heritage Greenway’s Façade Improvement Project: Part 2