Along the Trail: The Breadery



Along the Trail: Trolley Trail #9 and The Breadery

Welcome to our new blog series, Along the Trail, which will be highlighting a trail in the Patapsco Valley, and some local businesses worth exploring along the way!  This post includes Trolley Trail #9, a paved trail that runs from Ellicott City into Oella, and a delicious local bakery based right next to the trail.

Local Business: The Breadery

Located about three quarters of the way up the trail from Ellicott City, The Breadery offers an excellent destination, pit stop, or turnaround point to those on Trolley Trail #9.  You may recognize the name from popular products they distribute to the greater Baltimore area, but their Oella location offers everything you could need.  From local craft beers to a good selection of wine and olive oil this bakery is more than just bread.  Not that it needs to be though, as their fresh baked goods are more than enough to warrant a visit.  We recommend our seasonal favorite, the chocolate chip pumpkin muffin.  Here’s a list of product you can find at The Breadery:

  • Loaf Breads and Rolls
  • Specialty breads
  • Artisan breads
  • Muffins
  • Sweets
  • Domestic and International wines
  • Sweet jams and jellys
  • Spicy and Savory Aiolis


  • Michelle’s Granola
  • Zeke’s Coffee
  • The Bread Dip Company
  • Crunch Daddy Popcorn
  • Baltimore Dog Bakery Treats
  • Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
  • Bricknfire Pizza (During Scheduled times)


Highlighted Trail: Trolley Trail #9


Trolley Trail #9 is a well rounded trail, with a paved trail surface, beautiful scenery and multiple connecting trails.  Starting from Ellicott City, the trailhead is located in parking lot A (located just across the river from the base of Main Street).  Although the trail was damaged in the recent floods, it has now been fully repaired and reopened.  Early on the trail passes through a rocky gorge, but now has a brand new boardwalk with railings to help all users traverse this safely.  As you get farther along, you will notice the Cooper Branch winding alongside the path.  This small Patapsco tributary offers views of waterfalls and small pools as you pass by.  Soon, you will reach several trail connections, with multiple options to extend your trip into the Benjamin Banneker Historic Park and Museum.  For more information about these trails and that area, check our our other post here. Note to trail users, this trail follows a steady climb as you will see in the elevation profile.  While the trail is not particularly steep at any point, the difficulty can sneak up on you as you trek uphill.

Trail Photos: