PHG Announces PLANTapsco




September 19, 2019


Patapsco Heritage Greenway Announces PLANTapsco

CONTACT:      Lindsey Baker / /410.696.1328

Executive Director, Patapsco Heritage Greenway


ELLICOTT CITY, MD—Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG) is thrilled to announce PLANTapsco! PLANTapsco is an exciting initiative in which PHG is committing to planting 1,000 new trees in the Patapsco Valley. PLANTapsco is an opportunity for the community to help PHG remember our roots and plant our future.


PLANTapsco builds on our already successful environmental stewardship program. Each year PHG rallies thousands of volunteers to take part in stream clean ups, invasive species removals, and tree plantings. We plant approximately 80-100 trees a year. Our trees have a high survival rate of 90-95%and we tend to them for 3 years.


Through PLANTapsco we will drastically expand our tree plantings and increase our positive environmental impact.  Trees improve local stream and overall watershed health by reducing stormwater runoff, reducing erosion, absorbing airborne pollutants, cooling the air by diffusing the sun’s rays, and providing food and shelter to various wildlife. Furthermore, trees are valued and adored by the neighbors who live and recreate in the Valley and can even have positive effects on the human psyche!


Trees will include sycamores, red maples, swamp oaks, river birch, and tulip poplars. Each tree will be planted in a public space where it will have the most positive impact on the Patapsco Valley.


Sponsorship levels are available from $50 to $1000 for a tree to be planted in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor. Learn more and join us in PLANTapsco, by visiting  .


Patapsco Heritage Greenway’s mission is to preserve, protect, interpret, and restore the environment, history, and culture of the Patapsco River Valley. PHG administers the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area and holds a variety of environmental and history based programs throughout the year.





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